No Cinco de Mayo Crappy Eating / by Stephen Cooper

First of all a big pat on the back and a big congratulations for showing up and putting in the  work at the first Boot Camp session.  That's what it takes.  Just go for it!

NO Silly Cinco de Mayo crappy eating today....please.  If you are taking the camp to lose weight...this is off limits.  If you do go to eat out with friends or co-workers, stand your ground and eat healthy.  How about grilled fish, beef, or chicken, with vegetables :)  No beer, no margarita's, no chips, no flan.  Be strong. Think about how you want to lose the fit into those "skinny jeans".  Call me on the "hot line" (my cel phone) if you begin to feel weak.

(Please know that I have quite a few clients here in the area...and they have been know to "turn-in" or view other clients eating "no-no" foods.  So I'm always watching you :) )

Have you taken your measurements?

Have you taken your 'before" pictures?

Please get this done if you haven't.

If you are on the "Fat-Loss" Track, are you eating protein and vegetables 3 to 5 times per day?  Ask me if you have any questions. 

The more you communicate with me, the faster you'll see results...I am here at your disposal.

You may have read about the 1 week Boot Camp session in Brazil.  My wife is from Brazil and my kids have been going there for the past few summers as they will be doing again this summer.  Anyways since the airfare is so cheap I am looking into creating an incredible week there of fitness, massage, and fun of course.  I'm looking at the first part of August.

Since you are now a client of mine, you will receive a special, unadvertised price too.

If you've always wanted to go to Brazil, but wanted to go with a "native" (that's my wife) and me, this might be your chance.  Talk to me directly if you are interested.  I will keep you posted too as the details come in.

Please, please give me your feedback, and keep up the great work.

Have an incredible day