Breakfast makeover and more... / by Stephen Cooper

A very common question is "what should I eat for breakfast?"

Breakfast is often a challenging meal as we are rushing to wake up and hustling to get to work on time.

One of our boot campers sent me her typical menu for the day and I've made my recommendations to tweak her diet for faster fat loss.

I know that I'm going to hear it from the general public and probably registered dietitians alike that the boot camper's diet is healthy and that she doesn't need to make changes to lose weight.  It may be healthy, but will you or she lose weight eating this way...I doubt it.  If we had better sleep, and did physical jobs most of the day rather than sitting on our butts, yes then we might lose some weight.

I will gladly put my eating plan up against the dietician or other so-called experts and see who loses the weight faster while improving his or her blood work too.  (Yes, I realize that certain people have medical conditions and need to eat specific diets, but I am not advising anyone...this is merely my opinion and what works best for me.)

Here is our camper's typical daily meals and my suggestions in blue:

This is what I would eat on a normal basis.


Breakfast: small size bowl of special k cereal. 1 cup of coffee with 2 flavored creamers.  1/2 cup of V8 juice and 1/2 cup of Orange juice mixed together = 1 full cup

Scrap the cereal.

I would exchange some type of protein such as eggs, bacon, protein shake, or other protein sources.

What's in those flavored creamers?  Artificial colors, fake sugars, or sugar.  Ditch it.

Change the juices to eating the whole fruit and real vegetables.  You could eat a whole orange for example and toss in some vegetables such as different colored peppers into a frittata or something similar. 

Snack at around 10am:  1 Yoplait Yogurt

In looking at the Yoplait website ( I see 27 grams of sugar in the yogurt.  Don't snack on this if you want to lose fat. 

Lunch: half subway sandwich - usually ham or turkey with everything except onions. Light mayo and mustard on wheat bread.  No soda or chips. Just water

Fair.  For some of us not eating the bread may be a better way to go.

Snack around 3pm: 1 apple or some celery

Good.  Maybe add some almonds or almond butter on the celery. 

Dinner: 1 medium size grilled chicken breast salad. Topped with tomatoes, bell peppers, black olives, some croutons, and light dressing (about 2tblspn)

Ditch the croutons. 

And I drink about 1 liter of water every day.