Why Do I Recommend Certain Supplements? / by Stephen Cooper

Question from a client...   

"I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on why you recommend the supplements and products you mention in your posts, as well." Like coconut water... Good source of potassium?

In regards to the supplements that I recommend... 

When I was younger I basically tried or took about everything (as long as it was legal).  I was caught up in the marketing and was always looking for the next "miracle" to be stronger and leaner. 

What I've learned over the years is that real, wholesome food is the way to go.  I really try to stress this these days.  If people can't focus on just eating as close to natural, then it's always going to be an uphill battle.  Trying to add supplements or pills on top of a crappy diet is worthless. 

Having said that, I do take a few basic things. 

I usually use some type of protein powder supplement.  The two that I take are the Prograde product, and a simple whey powder from Whole Foods.  I suggest either one.  I know and trust the owner of Prograde so I like to promote his stuff.  I get a little bit of commission which is nice.  If it's easier just to pick some up from Whole Foods that's fine too. 

With my fish oil recommendation, having read quite a bit on the benefits I just take it as "insurance".  I know that I don't consume enough fish...so I take the supplement.

I drink the coconut water just becuase I like the taste of it, and also it reminds me of times that I spent in Brazil. 

Hope that helps.