Foam Rolling by Michael Boyle by Stephen Cooper

Coop, Todd Durkin, Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike Boyle

I know that some of you have asked more questions about foam rolling.  We started this Feb session with come rolling and I hope that you are continuing it on your own.

I've posted this link to and article by well know trainer, Mike Boyle.  There are some very helpful videos in his article too.

Foam rolling is one of those things that we should be doing, but often don't get around to it.  My advice is to make it a habit.  I especially enjoy foam rolling right before bed.  So for me that's about 8:00pm :)

Foam rolling is one part of the "recovery" piece of the pie...which I always stress to you.

Here's the link:

Free Chair Massages for Current Clients of Boot Camp Pasadena by Stephen Cooper

Once again, thanks to Veronica a boot camper from the evening class and our new masseuse, as she will be offering free, 15 minute chair massages between 5 and 6pm this Friday January 15. 

She will be doing these at the boot camp location in a vacant classroom.

As you know one area that I harp on a lot is "rest and recovery".  Don't skip this area as it is an important piece of the plan to you losing fat.

Please call Veronica directly to book your massage.  (626) 376-2904

P.S.  Having received a massage from Veronica, I can vouch for her and suggest that you book your time quickly.