The Paleo Diet is Becoming More and More Popular...Learn More About it in This Teleseminar by Stephen Cooper

I've posted the link to our very first teleseminar about the Paleo diet.  Our guest on this call is Amy Kubal, our registered dietitian who specializes in the Paleo way of eating.

Eating right is critical in your desire to lose fat.  Paleo happens to be my choice for staying lean and healthy.  i realize that there are many ways to keep off the fat, and this is one option.

The call is about 45 min. long.

Amy mentions frozen meals which are paleo friendly. 

Let me know you thoughts here in the comment section below.  If you have ideas on more guests or topics please let me know.

Show #1 Amy Kubal, RD Paleo Diet

Important Teleconference with our Registered Dietitian Amy Kubal by Stephen Cooper

Proper eating is critical for fat loss and fueling your training here at boot camp.

Amy specializes in the Paleo style of eating, which is the way I eat about 90% of the time.  I've found it to be a pretty simple method of eating, plus it keeps me lean and energized for my own training.  Best of all I used to get colds almost every other month, and since I've been eating this way, I rarely get sick.

The call will be live on Thursday April 15th at 5pm PST  (I will be emailing all active boot campers the call in number and code...please look at your email.)

If you can't make the live call and have questions for Amy please submit them to me via email.

The call will be recorded too in case you can't attend the live one.

So think up all of your diet questions and have them ready or submit them to me ASAP.