5 Star Review On Google by Stephen Cooper

"Went to boot camp three days a week for almost three years! Stephen is a caring, fun and knowledgeable trainer. The workouts are always different and always challenging, but the atmosphere is never competitive or punishing."  - Emily Raymundo via Google Business Review

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Awesome workouts and very caring... by Stephen Cooper

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"Awesome workouts and very caring instructor.  He suggests that you email him what you eat every day and this helps with accountability and he provides feedback/suggestions.  I lost 17 pounds and got stronger in a few months.  It was great. "

Via - Google Business Reviews

If you're looking to get into great shape, looking to lose weight, feel great... by Stephen Cooper

"Coop leads a fantastic Boot Camp in Pasadena, CA.  If you're looking to get into great shape, looking to lose weight, feel great, and feel some of the energy of Stephen, go see him. Stephen Cooper will help you get to the next level in your life. It's not just a kick butt workout, it's also a get your mind right workout.  He's doing a world class job, and he expects the best from his clients."

Todd Durkin,  Fitness Coach, Motivator, Speaker

 Trainer on NBC Strong 

Author of "The Wow" and "The Impact! Body Plan"

"Before I joined you in the mornings, I was stuck in a workout rut, feeling stressed about motherhood"... by Stephen Cooper

Hey Coach!

I've been meaning to email you and just say thanks for the time I had working out in your program.  About a month out of your program, I realize now what a great transformation happened for me during that time, and I'm very grateful.

Before I joined you in the mornings, I was stuck in a workout rut, feeling stressed about motherhood and always working out in the last cracks of space in my life that I could orient around my family.  I also feel like I had little knowledge about workout equipment, routines, muscle groups, and overall body awareness. Joining your class gave me all of that.

For about a month I've bounced around a bunch of things on the fitness scene, and it's been awesome and fun - and also made me realize I could not have done this before taking your class.  Your class set me up to be more competitive, strong and aware of what I'm looking for in a workout routine.

I've done some Groupon's now, been trying out ClassPass and just joined a gym I've settled on that has great group fitness options (Breakthru Fitness, walking distance from my house).  I've come to a place where I work out every single day and have tried everything from Barre class to Spin, to HIIT classes.  All of it very awesome, and again, only something I feel I can do because I hit a baseline of strength and self-awareness in your class that has acted as a springboard in my fitness life.

I was thinking about your class, calm and focused, intentional and quiet.  

Anyway, been meaning to say thanks again =). I'm on a nice routine of cycling, running, kickboxing and some strength training.  I feel like I owe you big time!


Rachel C - Pasadena, CA

Stronger than ever... by Stephen Cooper

"Stephen is a "zen" BootCamp instructor. With calm and respect, he leads varied and fun 45-minute sessions to help each participant reach their goals. I have lost 25 pounds and am stronger than ever!"  -Leslie M

More energized. by Stephen Cooper

"Just so you know, I'm loving boot camp! I feel so much stronger and more energized overall. And as I told you, I went for my first run in a few months the other day and felt great! I'm in as good shape or better than when I trained for a half marathon and I was running three or four times a week for several months. All in only 8 weeks! Thanks so much!"

Emily R. - Pasadena, CA

"I don't have the dread I used to at the thought of doing any kind of exercise." by Stephen Cooper

Hey Coop,

Just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much better I feel since finally starting boot camp with you.
Took a long time to get here for various reasons but mostly, I guess I was finally mentally ready to take responsibility for my health.

It's only been a moth and a half but feels like a lifetime in many ways. I just feel sooooo much better overall and it's made me motivated to do other things outside of boot camp and enjoy them more. AND I'm even enjoying your classes! I don't have the dread I used to at the thought of doing any kind of exercise. Now I'm actually looking forward to seeing what I can do.

I've lost a few pounds and though I don't have the tools to accurately measure body fat and all that, right now it's enough to see the scale going down and feeling the muscles in my body and just feel so much stronger overall. Yay!!

Also, I love your support and encouragement without being pushy or annoying. :)

Thank you!!!

Jane K

Temple City, CA via email

No Muffin Top!! by Stephen Cooper

Good morning Stephan!! Omg!! For the first time since I started boot camp, I FINALLY noticed my jeans fit better. No muffin top!! Lmao yay!! Only took 2 months n 3wks. Whooo hooo!! It's a happy morning for me!! Lol

Ok-just wanted to share that w u!! Have a good day n I'll see u tonite!! 

L.D.. Pasadena, CA via email

Unbelievably happy! by Stephen Cooper

"BTW, I weighed myself today and I am down to 114. When I started the camp in November I weighed 127. It's been a slow but steady process that has made me unbelievably happy. Thanks for all the help and support Coop! :-)"

J. Lewis - via email

"You opened my mind with all your suggestions and I feel rejuvenated. Thanks for your support and positive attitude!!!" by Stephen Cooper

"I am just thankful I found you! My life has improved drastically since November. I feel like myself again.

I don’t know if I told you, since I was 15 I had digestion issues and my parents took me to any medical specialist that could cross your mind from doctors to herbalist to yesss even hypnosis, but no one could figure it out. Since I been on paleo, my intestines have been working, looks like the agricultural revolution does not fit my early human intestines J … You introduced me to all of it and I have not felt this way ever, I just remember pain, bloating, discomfort and no weight loss, now it is the reverse. I feel great after each session and look forward to MWF, I am getting sleep, eating right and enjoying it all in the process. You opened my mind with all your suggestions and I feel rejuvenated. Thanks for your support and positive attitude!!!" 

Armine M, Hollywood, CA via-email

"I LOVE BOOT CAMP!" by Stephen Cooper

"I LOVE BOOT CAMP!  I absolutely see a difference & went to the therapist yesterday & she noticed how my hips already let go and were opening up more, thus releasing the tightness I was feeling in my lower back.

There is already improvement and I've only been in class for a month!"

Jlynn, Pasadena, CA - via email

"I am down 17 lbs. since November 30th. :)" by Stephen Cooper

"Stepped on the scale this morning down 10.5 lbs since start of Paleo Challenge (Jan 6th for me). Noted weight in my blackberry (I try to enter my weight every few weeks in spreadsheet) and I am down 17lbs since November 30th. :)6 more pounds and I have reached my first goal weight. Yay."

Michelle D., Glendale, CA - via email



"Boot Camp Pasadena has been transformational!" by Stephen Cooper

"Boot Camp Pasadena has been transformational! Stephen Cooper is a great trainer and provides motivation and resources to help you achieve your fitness goals. After putting on undesired weight, I was extremely frustrated with my progress in losing it. After consulting with Stephen, and diligently attending Boot Camp, I have exceeded my fitness goals. I can't imagine what I would do without these classes now."

Shea McLaughlin- Pasadena, CA

"I got so much out of it that I would not think of stopping." by Stephen Cooper

Hi Stephen,
I continue to be grateful that I found a class so close to home.  But more than that, I would be continuing if your class wasn't such an encouraging and congenial atmosphere.  I am not into competition, but I am into trying to be stronger and more flexibility and having more stamina.
As I am aging I am aware of the limitations of a number of folks I see.  I am ever grateful that I found your website and started the class mid-August of 2011.  The irony is that I intended to come only for a month while my evening fitness class was on hiatus.  I got so much out of it that I would not think of stopping.
I can't say that I always want to get out of bed, but I afterwards I always feel so good.  Particularly as a person prone to stiffness, I am happy that I can reach for things.  I notice when I am involved in projects around the house that I have a lot of stamina and flexibility.  This is all thanks to you.
Margaret M. Pasadena, CA - via email


Lost 9 Pounds in 5-6 weeks. by Stephen Cooper

Hey Coop,
"So far, I have lost 9 pounds since I've started. 9 pounds within 5-6 weeks is huge!
The best part of all, I don't feel that I'm restricting what I eat. I eat what I want but I'm more careful on portions and I make more of an effort to eat more veggies and fruits (and protein of course).  
Thanks again and I'm going to continue with my eating schedule - I also plan to continue with boot camp for as long as I can continue. Your classes are so worth it and I don't see it as an expense but rather, more of a necessity for my health.  =)"
Los Angeles


"Since beginning boot camp both my blood pressure and my total cholesterol have dropped." by Stephen Cooper

"Since beginning boot camp both my blood pressure and my total cholesterol have dropped.

The other benefit is the flexibility I have.  Recently I was sitting reading on a couch in a store.  A woman came by with a shopping cart and there wasn't room for her to pass.  I didn't feel like getting up, so I just swung my legs up over the high arm of the couch so the woman could pass.  She was shaking her head and remarking that I was very flexible.

All these improvements are thanks to Boot Camp!  I am very grateful you are around and I am able to be in the class."

Margaret M, Pasadena CA

"Thank you for making a 'runner' out of me, without even trying! " by Stephen Cooper

"Yesterday, I ran my very first 5K race (well, it was actually longer (3.88 miles), which threw me off)... BUT - my point is - with zero training (I meant to, but never did), and not having run any sort of distance in about two years, I was able to run the first 31 minutes without stopping.

It's definitely a testimony to what we do in bootcamp that allowed me to have that kind of endurance and speed (about a 10 minute mile pace).  So, thank you for making a 'runner' out of me, without even trying!"

H.P. Pasadena, CA via-email