Perfect Weather for June Boot Camp / by Stephen Cooper

You can chuck those excuses of it being too cold or too dark to come to Boot Camp.

If it seems like time is speeding by, and you never quite get going on a fitness program, then I welcome you to come and train with us. Let me worry about the programming, you just show up.

Having said do need some structure in your life before thinking of training. If you aren't getting enough sleep, and your life is already out of whack, adding more stress from exercise is NOT going to help you. Make sleep a priority, and eating well a priority. You can't get by for too long abusing yourself. It will catch up with you, trust me.

If health and fitness are really important in your life, then act like it. Eliminate the nonsense, and anything that interferes with your progress. Fight for yourself like you mean it!

If Boot Camp is an option for you, then here are more details... The MWF morning class is pretty much full. (Those who are currently in the class have a secure space.) Current Boot Campers please let me know if you'll be returning or not.

The other times/days do have spaces available. If you can't make it into the MWF morning class, please attend the Tu/Thur Camp, until a spot opens for you.

Morning classes meet at 5:45 am - 6:30 am Evening classes 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm

There will be 13 classes for the M,W,F Camp, and the cost is $175 And 9 classes for the Tu/Thur option at $135


P.S. Note to Active Boot Campers, please confirm with me if you haven't already if you will be continuing in this June Camp. Thanks.