A New Camp Begins Today / by Stephen Cooper

For those of you who joined me this morning it wasn't too cold was it?  And with some sprints and other goodies thrown in, I'd say that you warmed up pretty fast.

Goals....I'm reviewing everyone's goals.

Most of you have mentioned that losing fat, toning, and getting a lean and athletic look are your main goals.

So how will you measure your goals?

Start with taking your scale weight.  I’m not a big fan of weighing as your lean body tissue may actually increase during the camp, while your body fat percentage decreases, but never the less taking your scale weight once a week during the camp may be helpful.

Take circumference measurements.  Guys may want to measure around the chest and belly button, while women may want to measure around the belly button, hips, and thighs.

Take a “before” picture.  I know this is a tough one for some, but it really helps.  You’ll get a true idea of where you are starting, plus you’ll notice your improvements as time goes on.


For these next 12 sessions I will be introducing a few new things.

Member’s area:  I just started a member’s page where you can share questions and hopefully encourage and help each other.  I know that some people are on the Boot Camp Pasadena Facebook page, but not everyone is on Facebook.  You may feel more comfortable sharing on this new “private” page.  In order to have access to the site, you will need to visit the page whereby I will “approve” your access.

Live video chat sessions via UStream.  If you aren’t familiar with UStream it’s a cool way for us to interact via the internet.  I’ll be live on camera and you’ll be able to type in your questions.  Our Ustream channel is here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/stephen-cooper-tv I will make an announcement soon as to our first live session.

Live and recorded telephone interviews with other fitness professionals.  I will be hosting calls where I’ll interview other trainers, nutrition experts, etc.  You’ll be able to call in listen, ask questions, etc..  I will record the sessions and as a current boot camp member you’ll have full access to those recordings.

Hikes…Now that the fires have stopped and the trails have reopened, I’d like to conduct some fun hikes.  Most likely they’ll be on Saturday mornings.

Lot's of stuff,  with my main goal of helping you achieve your goals.

Please know that I always have you in mind whether it's doing these web posts, or doing the live stuff, I want to see you succeed.