At Boot Camp Pasadena My Main Focus is on Helping You Lose Fat and Getting You Lean and Toned / by Stephen Cooper

When I am creating your workout program, I have a few objectives in mind.

I am focusing on giving you the best fat-burning workout in our short, forty five minute time period.  Safety is always on my mind too, as I want your fat loss to be fast, but it must be done in an intelligent way.

Our workouts focus on full body movements which burn a lot of calories, plus you are building lean muscles which will burn fat throughout your day...long after our workout session.

Like today's workout...we did what would be called a "fighter's workout".  We worked the entire body with bodyweight exercises with minimal rest.

To those of you who made it to this morning's class, I want to say "way to go".  You busted through a challenging workout.