How's Your Progress? / by Stephen Cooper

Today marks the third session of boot camp, and I want to hear about your progress.

Please answer these questions for me. (Please post them in the "comment" section.)

Have you made it to all 3 sessions?

Did you take your measurements prior to starting the boot camp?  Men-weight and waist, Ladies-weight, waist and thighs.

Have you lost pounds?  Inches?

Did you take a before picture?

Did you purchase the book "The Primal Blueprint"?  (My choice for nutrition information.)

Are you getting enough sleep?  (Meaning, do you wake up feeling rested?)

If you know your diet is lousy are you taking a multi-vitamin?

How about a "greens drink"?

Are you getting enough protein?  If not, are you using a good quality protein powder supplement?

How'd you do with the questions above?  Dig in and train hard this last month of 2009.  I know that you will be tempted to indulge in Christmas goodies, so train hard now.