Members Week # 2 News / by Stephen Cooper

Welcome to week # 2.

Some quick updates.

After hearing from some of you, I have decided to print out the Maximize Your Metabolism Nutrition Guide.  You will be receiving it tomorrow.

I have given you a free membership to Hyper 
You don't pay a cent.  You should be receiving a separate email with complete instructions.

You probably want to will having access to this site help me?
You'll have to check out the site for yourself, but one of the best uses is personalized meal plans according to your height, weight, etc..  You'll find that in the Nutrition section of the site.  Contact me if you have any question about this new benefit.

We'll also track your measurements on this site.

Once again this Wednesday NIGHT we will be meeting up on the 3rd level at the flex room.

Be ready to crank up the intensity a little this week.

Lastly, a big  shout out to Karen M. of the evening class.  She had 4 wisdom teeth pulled in the morning...and came to the evening boot camp class and still kicked butt!  Way to go!