Welcome to Week # 3 / by Stephen Cooper

Wed. evening class we'll meet up in the flex room, as there is something going on in the cafeteria.

I have posted the complete 12-week Nutrition Program in a PDF format here on the blog.  For those of you who will not be continuing in the next boot camp, you can continue to get a lot from that nutrition information.
For those of you who will be partaking in the next camp, you'll be able to view and or print out each chapter as we progress week to week.

Speaking of the next camp, this Friday will be the last day of our first camp.  For those of you who continue I promise to work my hardest to bring you great programs that bring results.  We have a lot more fun things to look forward to.  For those of you who will not be continuing I hope that you have enjoyed the classes and have learned that exercise can be fun, and most importantly that this is a lifetime habit that must be pursued.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you will be in the next 3 week session.  You can check out the calendar here.

Notice in the last week of June, I have planned a "boot camp" experience in Brazil.  I went there a few years ago to scope out a trip just like this.  It was incredible to say the least!  Have a look at The Island Experience website, and contact me with your questions, and if you'd like to go.

A big thanks to all of you for taking this first camp.  I appreciate you putting your trust and your health in my hands.  This is what I live for.  Seeing people get more out of life by being fit and energetic.

A big thanks too, as I was able to donate $287  (10% of your reg fees) to the PE Program here at Aveson School.