Can Someone "Drop In" for A Class? / by Stephen Cooper

I just finished speaking with a current boot camper and she was asking if a friend could "drop in" for a class.

I'm happy that clients/current campers like the class and trust that their friends will too, but before he or she comes to a class they will need to fill out the proper "pre-training" forms.

In order for someone to be accepted into a class I need to review his/her's medical history.  Jumping into a stressful exercise situation without the proper screening is dangerous and I do not allow it.

Having worked as an EMT driving an ambulace, and working in a hospital for over 8 years, I've seen way too many people get injured or die with various medical pasts.

Exercise in general will reduce your chances of many deadly diseases, but caution must also be stressed prior to beginning a training program.

In over 13 years as a personal trainer I have never had anyone get hurt, and I intend to keep it that way.

Train hard, but train smart.