Boot Camp and Body Transformation Contest to Begin September 9 / by Stephen Cooper

It takes a lot for me to get depressed, but I'll admit these fires and the smoke from them really put me into a crappy mood.

I'm used to training about 4 days a week and only in the past two days have I gotten back into my workouts.  In looking at my training journal I haven't trained since July 27th.  After these two sessions, I can tell you that my mind is sharp and I am ready to "bring it" in our upcoming sessions.

Two big announcements:
1.  A new start date and new location for our September boot camp.
2.  A brand new "Body Transformation Contest".

I know that many of you had asked about the boot camp and some were upset that they had missed the start date.  Well, no worries as the boot camp was postponed due to smoke.  You still have a chance to get into great shape with us as we start a new boot camp session on September 9th.  Just remember "9/9".

We will also be at a new location.  Our new location is at St. Elizabeth School which is at 1840 N. Lake Ave. in Pasadena.  I'm very happy to be running this camp at this location as it is more "private" than doing it in the park.  The school has a great field, lights,stairs and clean bathrooms too.

Along with the start of this new boot camp I will be running a "Body Transformation Contest".  Think of it as a "Biggest Loser Contest".  This will also begin "9/9".  (I will be putting the details of the contest up on my website very soon.)  Anyone can enter, you don't have to be a current client of mine.

Boot Camp Days, Times, Price
M, W, F (with the exception that we will begin on Wed 9/9)
AM class 5:45-6:30
PM class 6 - 6:45
Price $165 for 12 sessions (That's only $13.75 per class.)

Things to do.
1.  Contact me to confirm your spot for this September Boot Camp.
2.  Contact me to let me know if you are interested in the "Body Transformation Contest".
3.  Have a great weekend, and get ready for Wednesday.

My goal for this next camp is going to be...attention to form, and I want you to give me your all, "and then some".

I'm ready to bring it for Wednesday.  Are you up for the challenge?


P.S.  I just had my head shaved so you know I mean business...