Nothing Stops These Boot Campers, Not Even Heavy Rain in Altadena,CA / by Stephen Cooper

Evening crew from Boot Camp Pasadena

Like I mentioned to a few of you last night on Facebook,  I am very proud of you all who showed up last night. As I was coming down the hill from my home in Altadena, I really didn't think that it was going to rain.

I had the big hall reserved for us, but decided to chance it.

Well...we got soaked.

As I showed the pictures to my wife and kids last night they said, "wow, look..they are even smiling".

Congratulations guys and gals.  You really kicked some butt last night.

I've posted pictures on our Facebook group site, and also on Flickr.

*Please note that I didn't "tag" you by name as I know some people would rather not be tagged.  Drop me a line if you don't mind me tagging you in the pictures.