How Will You Measure Your Fat Loss? / by Stephen Cooper

I had a few new boot campers this morning and one of them asked if I took or kept track of measurements or weight.

I don't keep track of this stuff, and I'll tell you why.

The main reason I don't do this is that I'm hoping to teach you the client to take charge of your own fitness.  I don't want you relying on me or any other person to be in charge of your success or not.

You may come to me for direction and some new ideas, but over the long run my goal is to have you "steal" ideas from me and implement them on your own. 

Secondly I don't want you to complicate things.

I believe that some trainers create fitness programs that are designed to keep you dependent on them.  I'd much rather you get the necessary tips and proper movement techniques from me, and then use them on your own. 

So my advice is to take a before picture, measure your waist and maybe your hips, and take your scale weight.

Honestly, you can just monitor yourself by these measurements, how your clothes are fitting, and how you look in the mirror. 

Keep it simple.