Day 22 of the Paleo Challenge and next Boot Camps / by Stephen Cooper

A few things today.

I continue to hear great results from the Challenge.  Lot's of comments with people losing 10 pounds in the first 3 weeks.

A few of you have contacted me and/or Amy too to discuss "tweaking" your diet.  If you aren't seeing the results you had hoped for, by all means get a hold of me.  We'll look deeper in to what's going on.

I'm here for you.

Speaking of "being here" for you, I have streamlined a few things that may make me more available and to help you better.

As the number of clients increased in the last camp I was a bit overwhelmed.  Many new people joined and my "regulars" stayed...this created the biggest classes to date.

I have been working hard on trying to organise some things better which should make your experience better.

I'm a life long learner and am always trying to get the most out of life, but in a balanced manner.


I have begun to take "attendance" electronically.  I will now be sending emails to those who miss their session. This method also allows me to run reports on how often you come to class, or have missed.  It will be telling for you and I.  I realize that people travel, etc., but please keep in mind that there are only 12 opportunities, or 8, depending on your session... for you to attend.  Clear out your schedules the best you can to make each session.  By the way, the classes are designed in such a manner that if you miss a day, you are missing a day of the "larger plan". 

Next Camps

We don't have many boot camp classes left in this year.  The next MWF camps begin on October 11 and run till November 5.

We then have two short sessions because of the holidays.

November 8 - November 19 has  only 6 class meetings and then...

November 29 - December 17 has 9 class meetings.

If you haven't already, please let me know if you will be in the next camp (Oct 11 - Nov 5).  If you know that you want to be in the other two camps too, by all means let me know...I may even give you a discount for registering for all 3 remaining camps. 

For those in the Tue and Thur classes you will have even fewer meetings.  (I can discuss those specific dates with you.)