Last Boot Camp for 2010 / by Stephen Cooper

Hi guys,

We just got back from a peaceful Thanksgiving up in Sequoia Park.  I hope that you got to spend some quality time with your loved ones too.

I finally got to take my truck up to the snow.

And also played in the mud too.


But now it is back to planning the last boot camp for the year.

For those of you in the Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes, there are only 9 sessions.  For those in the Tuesday and Thursday classes with Marie, you only have 6.

Some suggestions for this last camp...


  • Get enough sleep.  Maybe easier said than done, especially during the holidays, but so important for your goals to lose fat.
  • Stick to a Paleo diet 85-90% of the time.  You know that tempting food is coming in December, so plan your "cheat meals" wisely.
  • Show up, and train.  Block time for yourself.  You know that you always feel better after a workout, so plan on making each session.


I'm going to do my part to bring you a great camp.  In return, I ask that you give me your 100%.

Let's end 2010 on a high note!

P.S.  Be prepared for a very cool Monday morning, about 38 degrees according to