Newsletter / by Stephen Cooper

Dec. 29 2010

New Years is one of my favorite times of the year.  It's all about getting a fresh start.

As always I am tinkering with my programming.  I'll be reviewing all of the programs that we had over 2010.  (14 file folders of programs and notes.)

I look at the notes and the comments to see how the programs went.  

I'll review the many clients who lost a lot of weight this year and look to see how I can make modifications and improvements.

It's all about getting results for you.

Plain and simple.

The older I get and the more years I spend in this "game", fat loss isn't such a mystery any more.  I don't say this to be cocky...but I've seen a lot of people lose a lot of weight.

Workout times will actually decrease this year...and results will be even better.  Wait and see!

If you'd like to join us next year, please visit the site and sign up.

Enjoy the holiday, and appreciate every day.