Planning for 2011, And My Favorite "To-Dos" Organizer / by Stephen Cooper

I am busy getting ready for 2011 and one of my main goals is to help you filter the necessary from the unnecessary.

So often I hear from clients that they are overwhelmed with choices.

Here on the blog, and in our training sessions I focus on the useful and productive.  There is a lot of noise and distractions out there which can throw you off course.

How you organise and what actions you take each and every day are critical.

One of my favorite little tools for organising is called TeuxDeux.  It's a very simple and straightforward way to organise.  There is the web version and also an app for the iPhone.

I will be talking a lot more about planning in 2011, as our lives are only going to get more complicated if we don't take control soon.

Have a look, and let me know your thoughts.


TeuxDeux Demo from TeuxDeux on Vimeo.