Today's newsletter mar 15 / by Stephen Cooper

The "life is good" edition.

Wow, it's a been a busy few weeks here.

Last week our boot camp class had a special visit from my buddy Mike Michels.  His name might not ring a bell, but most recently he was on Access Hollywood giving workout tips on how to "Get Oscar Ready Arms".  He visited my boot camp last week as part of an experiment.  He will be introducing a product very soon with Polar Heart Rate Monitors whereby he has provided a formula to burn fat most effectively.  He and I have been discussing ways in which my boot campers can get the best workout possible for burning fat.  I'll keep you posted on our discoveries and also when his product is released.

Here's the link to his "Oscar Arms" workout in case you'd like some tips.

Over the weekend I went with my wife and kids down to San Diego where I met with my fitness mastermind group.  I'd say that there were about 50 or so fitness professionals from all over the U.S. and Canada.

We talked about much of the usual fitness stuff but this is what really shocked me…

I couldn't believe how many of these fitness professionals were feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, just like my clients.

Here were some of their complaints.  See if any resonate with you: 

"I work too much."

"I'm not getting enough sleep."

"I don't work out consistently."

"My diet isn't what it should be."

"My relationship is suffering because I'm not spending enough time with my partner."

"I'm overwhelmed with all this internet stuff like Facebook, email, etc.."

I was really shocked.  I guess that I was expecting these men and women to be different, but I saw them struggling with the same things like you and my other clients struggle with. 

How do we have the time to do the important things in life? 

I was just talking to my wife the other day and told her that in one morning alone, I had four emails from clients who were at their wits end.  Their lives were filled with stuff, and they were extremely frustrated with their inability to lose fat. 

Being at that conference and seeing those emails got me to thinking.

Since the beginning of 2010 one of my most important goals has been to simplify my life.  I've been reducing a lot of the clutter, and getting a chance to really live the life I desire.  My eating is simple, my training is usually 15 minutes or less maybe 4 days a week at the most, and I feel fantastic.

Beginning in April I'm going to be opening an online coaching program where I will be coaching a small group of people just how I do this.  This will be a virtual group where I will be leading you into creating what I believe is a very simple and doable way of simplifying your life while improving your health and losing fat.

This will be a small group so if this is something that you might be interested in drop me an email. .

Rather than trying to solve the problem by adding stuff, I will help you to reduce the unnecessary to finally lose that dreaded fat.