New Boot Camp Session in the Pasadena Altadena Area Begins April 26 / by Stephen Cooper

Remember way back on January first when you set those new years goals of "this is the year that I'm really going to lose the fat", and all of the others we toss around.

Well, we are coming to the end of April already.  Hard to believe.  So what have you done since Jan.?  Have you begun your exercise program?  Have you stopped already?
Each day is a new day...and you can start today.  

Why not join us this Monday as we begin a new boot camp session.  

One boot camper, David, who started with us in January has now lost close to 50 pounds. Imagine 50 pounds since Jan..

You may not need to lose 50.  Maybe it's just 10.  Or you are tired with your current routine.

Join us on Monday the 26th.  Like the past camps, there are a handful of openings.  Details are here  on the website.

Here's something that may interest you too.  We had a teleseminar for the current boot campers where they could have their questions answered by our registered dietitian.  
The replay is available here.

Make the most of today,