Memorial Day Times / by Stephen Cooper

Memorial Day, May 31

As discussed in this morning's boot camp session, our meeting time for Monday the 31 morning class will be at 7a rather than our regular time of 5:45.  Nice...we get to sleep in.

Regular time for the evening session, 6p.  


(Even though this quote is about Aikido, I still think that it applies just as well to our approach to exercise.)

"In your practice, you must always maintain a good provenance of your Aikido, always coming from goodness, friendship and the desire to harmonize with others. This kind of Aikido has great appreciation and deserves the admiration of others. Aikido which comes from a spirit of envy, jealousy, competition and rage has no beauty and does not deserve respect." - Rev. Kensho Furuya


Hi Coop-

I have a sort of random question for you...

I've been working really hard on getting enough sleep (it's just as
challenging as keeping my eating on track!).  But, as with all things,
life sometimes happens and late nights occur occasionally.  Last night
was one of those.  I probably got 5 hours of sleep, if that.  So, this
morning, when it was time to get up for bootcamp, I pondered if it was
better for me to sleep a few more hours - or, if was better for me to
stick with the schedule and workout.

I was definitely dragging in the beginning of the workout - but, by
the end of it, I was completely energized and so glad I worked out.
Those results answered the question for me.... but, I'm still curious
what your thoughts are on the matter.

btw, I'm officially 20 pounds down from my starting point in March.
My waist has been the most significant loss - 5 inches!!  Thank you
for all the eating tips, feedback and encouragement - it's really made
a difference.  Joining your workout sessions has been the absolute
best thing I've done for myself in a very long time.


My response...

If you could sleep in and then train in the evening that would be better.  If you could train in the morning and then take a nap, that would probably be second best.  Hope that helps.