New Boot Camp Session in the Pasadena Altadena Area Begins July 19 / by Stephen Cooper

First of all a word of thanks to those of you who sent me wishes about my knee surgery.  I really appreciate it.

My knee is stiff and a little unstable, but otherwise I'm really happy with the procedure.  Now I just have to be patient in not training too hard...which is not going to be easy for me.

The next session begins on Monday the 19th.  As usual, please confirm with me either way, if you'll be continuing with this session, or you'll be taking a break. The morning class looks pretty full, but the evening class could use some company.  If you know anyone who could use some help or a boost with their fat loss plans, send them our way.  (They will receive a discounted price, plus you'll get one free session for each person you refer.)

Rest and Recovery
As you know I stick to the basics when it comes to long term good health.  One of the important areas which you must appreciate is rest and recovery.  I can't tell you how many clients I've had who felt like they had to do more to "lose the fat".  It just isn't true! Doing more often leads to burn out, colds, overtraining, creating lack of results, and ultimately quitting everything in disgust.

I've seen a lot of success with boot campers just doing our three, 45 minute sessions.  (With my own training I typically train 15-20 minutes...maybe 4 times per week.)
If you want to do more on your own make sure that you are eating right on target, meaning 85-90% compliant, and that you are sleeping enough (meaning waking up feeling completely rested.)

Don't add more just for the heck of it.  Stick to the plan.

 (Here's my version of "relax and recovery" with my kids.)

One of the keys to losing fat, keeping it off, and staying lean is that you must create good habits.  A quick fix or a temporary diet may work in the short term, but long lasting success comes from good habits.

Think of one habit that you can begin today which will contribute towards your better health.

Think of one habit that you could eliminate today that would bring you closer to your goals.

Implement them today.

If you need some suggestions, let me know.

See you soon,