Fat Burning Breakfast / by Stephen Cooper

I'm often asked, "what should I eat for breakfast?".

Another question I hear a lot from clients is, "should I eat before boot camp, or not?"

As many of you know I wake up early on boot camp days, 4:50AM to be exact.  Usually I have a protein shake of some sort (recipe below) before boot camp, and then later around 9AM I'll have my main breakfast.

As far as fat loss theories...I think the verdict is still out if you should train on a fasted state or not.  I just told a boot camper this morning like I'm telling you here... if you feel a little queasy working out on an empty stomach, then have a few almonds and a half an apple.  Maybe a half a protein shake.  Experiment and see what gives you energy, but doesn't slow down your workout.

Coffee, mate', or tea are fine too before your session. 

So let's assume you are going to have your real meal after your boot camp session.  Here is a plan.

Choose lean proteins, eggs, leftover protein from the night before, add some vegetables, a piece of fruit, and some healthy fat.  Keep it simple.

Here's what I had today:

Pre boot camp shake:

2 scoops protein powder

1 frozen pack Sambazon Acai

1/2 cup full fat coconut milk

and water.


Around 8AM

3 eggs

hot chipotle salsa (Trader Joe's)

collard greens

olive oil for cooking

fresh apple from my neighbor's yard (thanks John)

Remember: proper "fueling" for your workout is critical.  Not only do want to eat right to have enough energy to train hard, but you want to eat a mix that will help you recover faster, and lose fat most effectively.

Pay attention to good eating, and your body will reward you. 


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