Day 3, and Telconference Call With Our Registered Dietitian on Thursday / by Stephen Cooper

First off, I want to make you aware of a teleconference call we will be doing tomorrow night with Amy, our Registered Dietitian.  The call will be at 6pm PST.  I will post the call in number a little later today.  This call is open to my boot campers, and those who are doing the Paleo Challenge.

Be on the call to get your diet related questions answered, or if you know you can't make the call, you can email your questions to me.  The call will be recorded so if you can't be on live, you can listen to it later.

Question:  Are carrots and jicama allowed on the Paleo Challenge?

I'll pass this along to Amy, but my gut feeling is that these "little guys" aren't the problem. Eating these foods are nutritious, high in fiber, etc..  Don't worry so much about the little tweaks.  Focus on avoiding the big no no's and you'll be fine.

Here's a cool link for "Jicama Fries".