This Friday, and Labor Day Schedule / by Stephen Cooper

I admit.  I'm really good at recognizing faces, pretty good at remembering names...but I'm really bad with dates.  You can ask anyone who knows me well, I just have a weird relationship to time and dates.

Friday September 3 Evening Class Only!
Due to a big bar-b-que planned on the school grounds, we will be meeting directly across the street, behind the church.  Not at the school.

I didn't plan for Labor Day, this coming Monday.  I goofed!

No Classes on Labor Day
We will not be having boot camp this Monday.  No morning or evening class.
You have a few options.

  • You could come to our new Tuesday session, AM or PM.
  • If you will be continuing in the next camp which begins September 13th, I will credit you a session.
  • Or, if you won't be continuing in the next camp, I will refund you for the session.

Please let me know which you want to do as I need to prepare the program and equipment needs if you will be coming to the Tues. class.

Saturday Class
I'd like to hear from you...if we were to do a Saturday class, what time would be best for you to attend?

Paleo Challenge
Beginning on Sept 13 we will be having a Paleo Challenge.  We are working on the details, but it will be a competition in which you'll be tracking your eating and training.  Doing before and after pictures and measurements, weight, etc..  You'll receive points for sticking to the plan, training, drinking enough water, etc..  You will have points deducted for missing sessions, and straying from the eating plan.

This will be a step by step plan, for those who are up to the challenge.

More details soon.

Facebook and Foursquare
If you are familiar with Facebook and/or Foursquare, I am offering a free session when you complete your training session and "check in" to either Foursquare or Facebook.

If you use either of these services, and have questions on how to do this, just let me know when I see you...and I will explain.