Ask Amy, The Boot Camp Pasadena Registered Dietitian / by Stephen Cooper


"I would like more info about veggie sources that are high in protein. I currently supplement my diet with whey protein and Greek yogurt, but would like additional information about other sources high in protein, other than nuts/legumes."

P.S. "I guess I'm "pescatarian"--I occasionally eat fish."

Amy's Answer:

Well, unfortunately choices are limited.  From a Paleo standpoint eggs (if you do those) are your best bet.  Since you do fish I would highly recommend incorporating that as often as you also.  Dairy isn't something I normally recommend but it would be much better than soy - so your choices there are unsweetened Greek Yogurt (full fat), Cottage Cheese (full fat), Cheese (real cheese - not processed cheese) or whole milk. 

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