Some things piss me off / by Stephen Cooper

I'm a pretty calm guy, but some things piss me off.

I got a question this morning via email with regards to eating at the workplace.  Here's the question, and my response.

Question: "As for diet, I work in an office where there's always food around, including free lunches 3 days a week.  So, I remain sort of stuck and could really use ideas about how to help kick start weight loss (even a little success).  Thanks."

My response:  I'm going to be honest with you.  As far as your meals at work, I don't care if they are free, or other people are eating them.  If those meals are not contributing to creating a more lean and healthy YOU....then do something different.  I see too many businesses that don't put their employees' health first. Bring your own food.  Be selfish!  I often hear of co-workers actually sabotaging others by making fun of them because they are eating healthy!  This makes my blood boil.  How dare they. 

Here is my suggestion to "kick start" your weight loss.

1.  Eat lots of vegetables

2.  Eat chicken, fish, lean meats.

3.  Eat some fruit, nuts/seeds, and healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, etc.. 

4.  Avoid the rest... 

How is your sleep?  Meaning, do you sleep enough?  Do you wake up feeling rested?