Boot Camp Pasadena is Not Just a Women's Fitness Class / by Stephen Cooper

I had a question via email asking if our boot camp was only a women's fitness class.  He asked if there were "dudes" too?

My response is "yes".  Both men and women take the boot camp classes, but most are women.  If I have 30 total students in one class, 27 of those are probably women.

I mentioned to him that these classes are designed to burn fat.

Therefore, for men looking to build larger muscles this is probably not the best choice.

Having said that, this is still a great option for those men looking to shed a lot of fat, gain strength, and improve endurance.

The exercises, like we did today with the TRX, can be modified so that they are extremely challenging.

For potential clients who aren't sure if our boot camp is the right fit, feel free to call me and discuss your questions.

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