Would You Like to Drop A Dress Size in Two Weeks? / by Stephen Cooper

Summer vacations will soon be here.  Are you ready to be seen in your bathing suit?

Would you like to drop a dress size or two?  How about 10 pounds or more?

I ask these two questions as just last week I spoke with two boot camp clients who had done just that.

In a two week time period...
  • One female client lost a dress size and fit in to a new pair of jeans.   
  • A male client lost 12 pounds in the same two week time period.

Do you have similar goals?

Do you want to work on that bothersome belly fat?  Or work on those arms for a particular summer dress that you hope to wear?

Join us on May 23, as we start a fresh new boot camp .

I've actually added a 4 and 5 day option to our regular schedule.  Contact me for details.

Times are the same...
AM Session: 5:45a-6:30a
PM Session: 6:00p-6:45p