Question me / by Stephen Cooper

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When it comes to losing fat through our boot camp, there isn't really a "one size fits all" solution.

Each of you have special situations.

Be it injuries that you need to work around, problems sleeping, etc..  For this reason I'm not really one to hand out mass handouts or the like.

I see our boot camp as a group effort with everyone supporting each other, plus individualized attention.

My suggestion is if you have a question about diet, sleep, etc., first have a look here on the blog.  Use the "search" function and ask your question.  We may have already discussed it a few times.

The next suggestion is to leave your comment or questions here on the blog posts.  Just type it in the "comment" section, and we will help.

Lastly you can always call or email Marie or myself.  Like I always say, the more we talk and discuss your particular situation and goals, the better and faster we can help you with your changes.