Updates, and "just results" / by Stephen Cooper

First the updates

New Camp begins June 20 for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday boot campers, and June 21 for the Tue/Thur groups.  Most of the time we can accommodate flexibility between the days and times...just ask.

Please confirm with me if you will be continuing, or would like to join in this camp.

Updates and News

Please check the blog first for any updates such as rain schedule, instructor changes (rarely)...any news, check here first.  http://www.bootcamppasadena.com/blog/

"Just Results"

Some of the most beautiful things in life come from simple actions repeated and refined to excellence.  In looking at my business and the way I interact with you my clients, I am trying to focus on getting you the best results.

There are a few things that I need to do very well with you.


  • Provide you the best fat loss programs available. (This means program design.)
  • Communicate.  The more often you and I communicate the faster you will see success. *Please contact me or Marie directly via email or phone. (I will not be using Facebook or Twitter for this purpose.  I may post messages there, but please contact me via email.)
  • Accountability.  Class sizes will remain small and I will be asking more from each of you.  I'm asking you to pick up the pace this summer and make some big jumps in your fat loss and health.



What three things will you do this week to ensure that you lose fat and improve your health?

Post your answers in the "comment" section, or email me directly.