Get Ready for Monday / by Stephen Cooper

Here's an email that I just sent out to a new boot camper... 

"I try to keep things as focused and as simple as possible. 

Feel free to contact me via email, (given to clients only)

or by phone, (clients only) 

During the week, I am accessible 5:45a - 6p.  After that and on weekends, I try to stay away from technology. 

I may post to Facebook, but don't often see messages do not leave questions or messages for me there. 

For the latest tips and news please visit the blog.  Check in once a day M-F to see if I've posted anything. Please comment there too.  If you feel comfortable to share what's going on or have questions about the workouts, you can leave them here too. 

Get your "cheat meals" or cheat foods out of the way this you can prepare for clean eating come Monday morning. 

What is "clean eating"?  Eat protein, vegetables, some nuts, some fruit (preferably after your workout), and some healthy fats/oils.  That's it! 

Your goal is to eat like this 6 days a week.  You can have one cheat day where you basically eat and drink what you like.  Saturday's are usually good for this as there are parties or other events which you'll want to eat as you like. 

Your other goal is to make all 12 sessions.  Plan for this.  Take care of things (meetings, kids, parties, etc.) so that you can fit in all 12 sessions.  If you miss a day for some reason, you can come at any of the other times/days.  You can use up your missed sessions however you see fit, as long as you use them by the end of this camp.  I don't carry over sessions. (Unless for medical reasons.)

*Notice to returning boot campers too...since the summer classes are smaller you don't need to notify me if you can't make a class and want to show up in another.  Just do it.

Plan your days to get enough sleep.  "Enough" means that you wake up feeling rested and ready to train. Usually 7-9 hours.

Please trust me on this journey to better health and fat loss.  What I suggest is purely in your best interest.  I am committed to making this a great experience for you. 

See you Monday :)