Boot Campers, Get Ready to Bring It! / by Stephen Cooper

A few things for those of you taking this camp.

  1. Get enough sleep tonight. You want the energy to give it your best tomorrow...and it is critical for fat loss that you get enough solid sleep.

  2. Take your before measurements. (If you have fat loss goals, then I can't stress enough how important it is that you do this.) Simple measurements with a tape measure. Record your waist at the belly button, hips/thighs for the ladies, and chest for the men. Record your beginning scale weight too.

  3. Have lean proteins, vegetabes, and some healthy fats in your house and fridge. Get rid of the junk.

AM Campers-


You may want to have a little coffee, and possibly a simple protein shake (20-30 grams) before your workout. You may have to experiment with what feels right in your stomach.

After your workout you'll want to have a meal consisting of proteins and be ready.

You'll repeat this having two more meals during the day consisting of the same.

Drink plenty of water.

PM Campers-

You'll use the same meal plan eating 2-3 meals before boot camp. You could even get in the habit of drinking a protein shake as described above. You'll want to drink this within 30 minutes of waking up.

Experiment with the timing of a pre boot camp meal. You may need to see what size portion sits well in your stomach.

After the PM class, you'll want to be ready to eat one more meal of the same combination mentioned above.

All classes-

Set aside some time in the evening to roll with your foam roller or the grid. You'll recover faster, and you may be less sore.


By all means shoot me your questions. You can post them here in the comments, or email me directly.

Let's do this!