Want a Free Workout That Will Burn Fat and Shrink Your Fat Zones? / by Stephen Cooper

Relaxing this weekend at Sequoia Park (note my son and wife in this pic.)

I'm going to give it to you.

Here is the exact workout that we did today at boot camp.  It's a combination of fat burning, core training, and a cardio workout too.

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Warm up (note that each exercise is 60 seconds in duration, and are performed 1-2 times)

Seated cross legged hands on top of head...seated twist

Hula hoop hip rotations, 30 seconds one direction, 30 seconds in the opposite direction

Bodyweight squats

Standing leg swings, balance on one foot, while swinging the other leg forward and back


Training (Each exercise is done for 60 seconds...rest after two exercises.  Your rest period all depends on your level of fitness.  Think 15-60 seconds of rest.)

Close hand push ups...then go right to bodyweight squats

Skier swings (stand with kettlebells by sides and "swing" back like a skiing motion)...then right to plank

Overhead split squat...then right to burbees


Alternating biceps curls with kettlebells...then jumping jacks

Overhead triceps extension...then crunches

Suitcase deadlift (kettlebell in one hand, squat down and touch bottom of KB to ground)...then side plank



75 kettlebell deadlifts, then 75 jump ropes

75 walking lunges, then 75 total Turkish get ups

Cool down and stretches

Inner thigh stretches with partner

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