Vacation Workouts / by Stephen Cooper

Workout #1

Equipment needed: kettlebells

Warm up

1. seal jacks

2. double pump, front/front-back/back

3. squat reach ups

4. sumo squat, slow gripping ankles


5. one arm standing pull

6. holding lunge rotate twist with kb

7. hips up with chest press

8. prone golf ball exchange, chest and quads up

9. hips up squeeze glutes/abs and hold

10. same but with arms extended

11. same but with both arms up, and one leg marches

12. reverse planks with alternating knees in

13. kneeling biceps curl with press

14. goblet squats

15.  TGU

16. legs straight and hold up

17. farmer's walk/heavy

18. log hops

19. seated twists

20. standing interlock fingers side bend

Workout #2


Equipment needed: Sand Bell, medicine ball, timer  (you may substitute dumbbell for the sandbell)


Warm up
1. Cat hunch
2. Thread the needle
3. "W" raises
4. Bird dogs
5. Jumping jack
6. Rotation slams with med ball
7. Plank flips with sand bell
8. Crunch ups with med ball
9. Reverse crunches with sand bell between knees
10. Pop ups and press, one round with med ball, one round with sand bell
12. Foot taps on med ball
13. Hip ups while gripping sand bell with thighs
14. Pikes, one round with med ball, one round with sand bell
16. Wood chops with med ball
17. Flip swings with sand bell
18. Squat jump and press with med ball
19. Push ups on med ball
20. Figure 8 pass through legs with sand bell
Workout #3

Equipment needed: None, bodyweight only

Time intervals: 1:30

Warm ups

1. Skaters

2. Elbow circles

3. Squat jumps

4. Frog hops

5. Bridges


6. Diamond push ups

7. Straight legs heel on toe full crunch

8. One leg pistol

9.  Wide push up

10. V sit hold 5 seconds, then 5 jumping jacks

11. Squat jump 5x, Seal jack 5x

12. Seated twist

13. Jackknife 

14. Butt blaster

15. Inverted hand press

16. Slow 15 second squats

Workout #4 


Equipment needed: Sandbell or kettle bell


Warm up:
1. Walking lung with overhand bend (R leg, R bend)
2. Walking alternate quad stretch
3. Stationary alternate deadlift/hamstring arm reach out front
4. Lateral lunge with body twist
6. Single leg squat (back knew touches)
7. Sprawls with side leg lift
8.  Triceps dips
9.  Feet stacked crunch
10.  Back leg on bench lunge
11.  Push up position, then alternate arm reach
12.  Low jacks (half squat position)
13.  Push up position, then scorpions
14.  Shin grabs
15.  Side step ups (high knee)
16.  Push up with 10x alternate knee ins
17.  Partner eccentric fire hydrants (5 sec iso hold)
18.  Big mountain climbers (toes to hands)
19.  Close feet squat
20.  Push up with knee tuck
21. Sand bell crunch up pullover and twist back



 Workout #5

 Equipment needed, kettlebell or bell

Warm up as needed.

Start with 5 ketttlebell swings on the first minute

then move on to 6 kettlebell swings in the second minute

then 7 swings...keep increasing the number of swings until you reach 20 swings in one minute

Cool down as necessary.