What Do You Struggle With, When It Comes to Fat Loss? / by Stephen Cooper

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I often ask my clients this question. "What Do You Struggle With, When It Comes to Fat Loss?"

Today I want to share the response from one of my clients, and my comments to her.

So, the things I struggle with in regards to losing weight are:
1) keeping my cravings in check
2) making exercise a priority and staying motivated 
3) keeping the weight OFF (I've probably lost the same 10 pounds 4-5 times!)

My comments... 

Regarding your 3 points... 

With cravings there are a couple of options.  One is to just have a little bit of the treat, say a tiny piece of dark chocolate...the other option is to save all of your "cheats" for one day.  Many fitness models use the second option and really go crazy on one day of the week (usually a weekend day).  You'll have to experiment to see what works best for you. 

Hopefully I'll keep the workouts different and therefore keep you motivated.  Changing up what you do, or the types of exercise keeps your mind challenged as well as your body guessing.  This will produce results in your body composition  

There is a sticking point or happy point where the body will stick at a certain weight.  It can be a challenge to break past this point.  I'm sure with the addition of you attending boot camp, your body will change.  It's just a matter of keeping on a sensible track with your eating, and challenging your body with movement  

Thanks for responding,


How About You??  What Do You Struggle With, When It Comes to Fat Loss?

I'd love to hear from you.