Tuesday/Thursday Boot Camp Begins Tonight / by Stephen Cooper

Did the Olympics inspire you? 

One of the reasons I became a trainer is my fascination with the human potential. Each contest in the Olympics displays the beauty and possibilities that our bodies can provide.   

We all look at the athletes and are amazed at what they can accomplish.  When watching them do you wonder what you could really accomplish if you trained a little more consistently?  Or tweaked your eating up a notch or two?   

Look at how the Olympic athletes respond to training.  Most of us won't reach their level, but I am certain that each one of us can improve in our own, possibly small ways. 

It was refreshing to hear from the athletes that quite often they really detested their physical training...but that their coaches coaxed them along...and that all of their hard work has paid off. 

You and I won't be competing against any Olympic athletes, but our challenges are real and we face many stressful demands in our lives.

If you need more consistency with your fitness and some coaching, join us for our next boot camp. 

Tonight we begin the twice a week option...and on Monday we begin the 3 day per week option. 

The cost for 8 classes is $115.

The cost for the 12 class camp is $165 

Contact me to secure your spot.