New 4-Week Fat Loss Challenge Starts Feb 1 / by Stephen Cooper

I’m holding a 4-week fat loss competition, starting February 1, 2013 to March 1, 2013.  

Over my years as a trainer I've seen two important areas which help people lose fat and keep it off.  One is the creation and tracking of "small habits", and the other is having a definite reason to get the weight off...(losing or gaining money) in this case.

For this competition I will be posting specific tips and suggestions on how to create, and most importantly keep going with the small habits that lead to long lasting fat loss.  Plus I will be giving you eating and nutrition strategies that have proven over and over again in helping clients to lose bodyfat.

This competition will be held here at DietBet.  

On DietBet, players each add $40 to the pot, and the total is divided up among the “winners” at the end of the game. DietBetting is not winner-take-all like The Biggest Loser. Everyone who loses at least 4% of their starting weight will get an equal share of the pot. DietBet supplies referees to verify weights using a photo-based weigh-in process.  

As an added incentive, the person who has the most impressive transformation, captured by both measurements and photos will receive $100 off their next boot camp. 

How to measure bodyfat?

I’d prefer that you use the most accurate tools, such as the below. Many of the above can be found at high-end gyms or nearby hospitals. No matter what, you must use the same tool (and ideally the same person) for your “before,” progress, and “after” measurements. 

Bod Pod

DEXA or DXA (pay per session)

Hydrostatic weighing (dunk tank) (pay per session)

I will have a hand held fat loss analyzer available too.

How to measure inches?

Get a simple tape measure and measure four locations: both upper arms (mid-bicep), waist (horizontal at navel), hips (at widest point below waist), and both legs (mid-thigh). Total these numbers to arrive at your Total Inches (TI). Changes in this total will be meaningful enough to track.

Take good "before" pictures (front, side, back) and weekly progress pictures.

How to track your habits? 

If you have an iPhone, I recommend using the Lift app for motivation and tracking your small habits.  It's only available for iPhone, but look on their site to be notified about the Android option.  I will be suggesting the habits to add in an upcoming article.

You are not alone

To anyone who joins this competition I will be available to answer your questions via email.  I may also create a separate group site where everyone can join in and interact.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here and let’s see what you can do among supportive competitors.

I bet it's more than you think. See you in four weeks!



Feb 1, 4-Week Fat Loss Challenge Begins

Feb 1, Monday, Wednesday Friday Boot Camp Begins

Feb 5, Tuesday/Thursday Boot Camp Begins