Make the Commitment to You / by Stephen Cooper

Our recent trip to Balboa Park in San Diego

Our recent trip to Balboa Park in San Diego













Here's something I recently wrote to a client who found herself missing classes due to work and "life".

My hope is that you can arrange your work time and recovery time so that it compliments your training.  I know that it's easier said than done, but I can't stress enough on how important it is.  

You've got to put YOU as a priority.  Sadly I've seen too many clients who get "chewed up" by the "system", and their health and life suffers.  Please take care of yourself.

Plan your meals.  Know that you've got to bring your meals, or know where you can eat a healthy meal.

Sleep.  Create a habit whereby you can get good quality sleep, and sufficient hours. You may want to use some method of tracking your sleep.  Be it something like a FitBit, iPhone App, or the "Lift" app..  Another way to create a habit is the free, "Tiny Habits" by Stanford professor, BJ Fogg.  Find something that works for you...but make it a habit.

Make the commitment to yourself.