Introducing FitRanx / by Stephen Cooper

Some time back when I was doing jiu jitsu I was thinking that it would be nice to somehow "test" clients and award fitness levels similar to the belt ranking system in martial arts.  You know, beginner starts with a white belt, and as training and experience increases so does their belt level and color.

Well, someone has created just a system of "testing" and awarding a colored band upon completion of the tests. The system is called FitRanx.

Yesterday I had Christa and Shea (in the pic above) try out the Level 1 Test.  They both passed, and it gave me a good idea to the difficulty of the test.

Starting today I will be offering the "test" to any current boot camper.  I can give you the specifics so you know if you are up to the challenge.

*A big point here.  This is to challenge yourself.  This is not a contest against anyone, and the tests are completely optional.

The tests are designed depending on gender and age.

If you have more questions, please contact me.

I see this as a way to see where you are at, and to encourage you to keep striving for your best.