What Meal Plan Should I Follow While Attending Boot Camp? / by Stephen Cooper

In case you missed me dancing...Probably one of the most often asked questions is "What meal plan should I follow while attending boot camp?" 

I just received the question last night via email, so I'll share my response here. 

A long time ago body builders really nailed what it takes to get lean.  Whole foods, paying particular attention to proteins, vegetables, a tiny amount of fruit (some people can tolerate more than others), and some healthy fats like olive oil.  

Stay away from sugars, simple carbs, and of course junk food. 

I could really complicate things and go on an on, but what I've said is what works without any fluff. 

I used to believe in the theory of eating 5 small meals per day, but I don't believe that is a must.  If you feel OK go ahead and have some coffee, maybe a little bit of protein before your workout...and then plan on eating between 1-8 PM.  Plan on a high quality meal for dinner...or for lunch and dinner.

Eat the highest quality food that you can afford, such as grass fed beef, and organic produce when possible. 

Include a cheat meal once a week just to stay happy, and to also wake up your metabolism.

Simple, but not always easy.