No Classes on Labor Day, But Here's a Boot Camp Workout For You / by Stephen Cooper

Warm up (60 sec.)
toe touches
shallow jumping jacks (meaning in a squat like position)
cross taps (standing, right elbow crosses and touches left knee, and opp sides)
high knees, jog in place
Work (60 sec.)
walking lunges with KB if available
side lunge with KB
carioca jog
push up, then jump legs open/close, then push up
squat jump, then two "bounces" on the balls of your feet
straight leg crunch
jumping jack
on your back, crunch up like you are climbing a rope...grab up 1, 2,3...each time reaching higher up the rope
hold plank
backwards jog, heels to butt
bunny hops
flutter kicks (on back, straight legs, small kicks)
still on back, straight legs, small circles to the right one min, then left one min
crunches, up quick, down slow to the count of 5
stretches and cool down as necessary
Let me know if you have any questions.