Boxing Workout Today / by Stephen Cooper

I've been running around getting water barrels for earthquake/disaster preparedness, but will post today's boxing themed workout a little later today.

Equipment Needed: Boxing Equipment, Jump rope  ( I like to get my boxing equipment from Pro Boxing on Lake Ave. in Pasadena, just North of Villa)

Warm up (75 sec.)

  1. Jump rope
  2. BJJ shoots
  3. Lateral side hops with slight pause to partial lunge
  4. Shoulder circles

Work (75 sec)

  1. 20x Jab, with 10x burpees
  2. 20x cross, with 10x push ups
  3. 20x R/L, with 10x squat
  4. 20x uppercuts, with run to fence
  5. 20x knees, with 20x jump rope
  6. 20x kicks (fast, not hard), with 10x split jumps
  7. 10x jump spin, hammer fist, with run to fence
  8. 10x high TKD jump kick, with 10x crunch
  9. 20x punch and crunch
  10. Partner hyperextension
  11. Partner straight leg side crunch


Saturday Nov. 8th, we have the group hike to Inspiration Point.  All are invited, just let me know that you'll be coming.  We will meet up at the end of Lake Ave at 7:30 AM.