A client asks "What type of workouts should I do on my days off?" / by Stephen Cooper

Here's my response...

Let's assume that you'll attend 3 boot camp classes on MWF.  You could do the long walks on any of those days.  On 3 of the other days T,TH, Sat you could do the 20 min brisk cardio workout and then a short weight workout.  Sunday I would rest completely and possibly get a massage or other relaxing time.

Tuesday you could simply do 50 kettlebell swings.  If you don't have a KB, you can use a dumbbell.  Get a weight that challenges you.  Maybe you can only do 20 swings without a break...but get in the 50.

Thursday you could do Tabata Squat Thrusts.  Grabbing 2 dumbbells, you'll keep them near your shoulders, squat down deep, stand, and press above your head.  You'll watch the clock and do this 20 seconds of work, and 10 seconds of work.  Do this 8x as fast (but as safe) as you can.

She also asks about taking measurements...

With weighing and taking measurements try to be as consistent as possible, meaning measure at the same time, same clothes, same areas.

Measure the places you most want to see improvements.  Don't go overboard, just take about 3 or 4 places.