Links for the Week of May 9 / by Stephen Cooper

Video of Spartan Race Founder Joe De Sena, Organic Farming in Vermont, Motivation, Commitment.  Also talks about his new book, Spartan Up

Unconventional Training, Steel Mace, Battle Ropes, and More,  Onnit Academy

Fall in love with sleep, and make it a priority.  7 Secrets of People Who Get Enough Sleep

The No. 1 Lesson from Navy SEALs: Don't Quit in Anticipation of Future Failure.  

The Navy knew well that most of the qualified and motivated candidates who started the SEAL training didn't finish. Most quit and they wanted to know when and why.

It turned out that the vast majority didn't quit when they were out braving the cold, wet or otherwise inhospitable conditions. They didn’t quit in the middle of the demanding and stressful exercises. Most quit over breakfast or lunch. They quit in anticipation of the difficult conditions to come. They self-eliminated, not because they didn't have the abilities to perform the tasks, but because they feared that the coming challenges would be too difficult and they would then fail (and fail in front of their classmates).