Weekend Workouts for Missed Boot Camp Classes / by Stephen Cooper

Have you ever wondered what the method to my madness is?  There is a plan, and I'm going to share part of it with you here.

I’ve designed the boot camp workouts just as I would do on my own.  I realize that we all have a limited amount of time, so there are 3 workouts planned for the week, and one to three more at-home workouts for you to do on your own.  The 3 workouts per week are the minimum to see results, and the extras depend on your time, nutrition, stress, and how well you’ve recovered from the other workouts.

Ideally I’d like you to get in the 3 boot camp workouts, and then one longer weekend workout. I especially like you to do this longer workout with your family.  This longer workout can be a hike, bike ride, walk, whatever.  Just be active for 2 hours or so.  The time and healthy example you set for your family are so important.

Here’s what I would do if I missed my regular workout/s during the week.

For fast calorie burning and muscle stimulation I’d do some Tabata stuff.

(You know the drill 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, for 8 sets.)

I’d do squats, push ups, dips, or jump rope.  Pick one if you are short on time, or two if you feel energetic.

You can always do 50 reps of kettlebell swings for a great blast to the body workout.  (Make sure that the kettlebell is heavy enough to get your heart pounding.)

For the longer workout, I’d do a Stair Walk, a long walk, or a long bike ride.

Keep it simple, but do it.  Assuming you’ve already missed a weekday workout, you cannot afford to skip the weekend too.

What are some of your favorite weekend workouts?