Why does boot camp produce results? / by Stephen Cooper

After each class, I write down notes on what I've observed.  I'm always trying to improve and tweak the experience.

After safety, my main focus is to create classes that produce the best results.

So why does it work?

One reason is the encouragement that campers show for each other.  It may be during class with one client telling another "you can do it", or "keep going" type of support.  (This is in addition to me cheering you on...don't laugh.)

Another reason is the support shown outside of class.  Clients often text or email each other.  It may be words of encouragement, recipes, "where ya been?" or setting up times to exercise outside of class.  

I'm super proud of how supportive my clients are.

I think the next thing is, that it really bugs me when a client doesn't move towards her goal.  I really do lose sleep when clients aren't progressing as I'd like.  I do my best to look into their lives by getting feedback on meals, sleep, and other training.  Your goal is always on my mind...until it is reached.

There are more reasons, but we'll save that for another email.

If you'd like this type of support, our next camps begin this Friday, August 1.  (Note - You can join midway through a camp, as long as we have space.  Just contact me.)

MondayWednesdayFriday Camps (13 Classes for $165)
Tue/Thursday Evenings (8 Classes for $125)

Contact me to reserve your spot, or for questions.


P.S.  Remember that boot camp client from the last email...the one who had lost 30 pounds in 3 months?  Well, now she has lost 40 pounds.  And you?