Is Boot Camp Worth It? / by Stephen Cooper

Is it worth it?  Photo from  National Geographic

Is it worth it?  Photo from National Geographic

I recently had a client send me an email noting her frustrations...

"So I'm losing momentum...This weekend was nothing but breaded fish and rice

oatmeal raisin cookies and soda.  

Today was crazy with left over breaded chicken and subway sandwich and chips.

Had to work later than expected today too so missed the workout.

I would rather not report (meals/hours slept/exercise outside of boot camp) anymore.  Don't think very useful."

Here is my reply...

"Why do you think the weekend was out of control?  Does your spouse play a role in supporting or sabotaging your goal of losing fat?  Other family members?

Did you get in any exercise?  Like I mentioned, I like clients to at least get in a long walk or hike.  Did you have time?  What got in the way?

You've got to be realistic and truthful with yourself.  Is weight loss a priority?  If it is, then sacrifices must be made.  If it's not really that important, and you have too much going on, then focus on the other areas you want to or need to improve in.

Is your reason for losing the fat, strong enough?

When in comes down to it, you have a choice.  Each day, each meal is a choice.  Never easy...but a choice.

As far as being "useful", it may or may not be.  

Honestly, it saddens me to wake up and read your email.  It presents a challenge, but like many other challenges, I enjoy trying to help, and trying to figure out a solution.

I can only share what I know works.  Believe me, I read a lot and am always looking for a faster or better solution.  Other than plastic surgery, there are no quick or easy solutions.

Each of my clients has challenges with regards to their wanting to lose fat.  Some have just had babies, some have medical issues, some have 2 jobs, spouses sabotaging them with junk food, and other temptations.  

For some the time is now to change.  They fight like hell to conquer any bad habits, and they see breakthroughs.  For others, life gets in the way, and the yo-yoing of gain-loss continues.

It can be done.

Another boot camper who joined this month, and has had a baby recently, just sent me this email about 5 minutes ago...

"Honestly speaking...when I missed the second class I was like eh...I'll just pass...sleep deprivation.  But when u followed up, it gave me a boost .. And I appreciated your honest email comments.  So because I see my body transforming, I force myself to do some activities on the day that we are not doing bootcamp. 

So I actually see my tummy getting smaller, arms getting a little leaner. I've always had issues with my arms 

I think I'm on the right path and will continue to work out hard until I achieve my ideal weight. 

Thank you Stephen !!  "

So here you have another person, fighting to make changes, and commit...but she is seeing the results of her commitment, and my tracking of her meals/sleep/exercise.

Lastly, I do care if you stay or if you quit.  I see each of you like a family member.  If my wife or daughter was frustrated, I would share the same feelings and strategies with are no different.

I can only make suggestions, and hope that this is important enough for you right now.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.  Either way, I'll try my best.

Think about your commitment level, and let me know.